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After the arrival of your sweet new little squish, your body goes through A LOT. Whether you vaginally deliver or have a c-section, postpartum recovery is not easy. I have now experienced both recoveries, and each has its challenges. I am going to give you all the lovely details of both my postpartum experiences and what helped me through.

Vaginal Delivery

Although recovering from a vaginal delivery was much faster for me, it was in no way easy or painless. I honestly felt like my vagina was going to fall right out and I had a TON of back pain due to a misplaced first epidural. I was so thankful to have not have had any vaginal tears or stitches and I had only pushed for about a half hour. However, I did have tiny little tears around my urethra, which made it sting to pee. I had very minimal bleeding after the first three days (which were not so minimal) and on day five PP we had taken Aspen on a hike and I was feeling great as far as things went “down there”.


If you read my post about Sloane’s birth story, you know that I had an emergency c-section. Let me just tell ya’ll…. a c-section recovery is NO JOKE. I wasn’t able to get up and walk over to check on my baby or change diapers, I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom for the first two days. There is no just sitting up and laying down or crossing your legs on the bed. It even physically hurt to spit out my toothpaste after brushing my teeth. You also still have vaginal bleeding with a c-section and for me, it has been much heavier and has actually lasted much longer than with my vaginal delivery. On top of all of this gorgeousness, you have an incision to be very cautious of. This meant no lifting anything other than Sloane, very slow movements, and showers only for the first two weeks.

I felt very helpless for about the first 14 days. My hubby was a complete SUPER DAD! He changed diaper after diaper, helped me sit up and get in and out of bed, cooked and cleaned, and all the while he was also chasing our toddler around. I don’t know how I could have done this recovery without him!


I am going to share some products that made both of these recoveries much easier. When I was in the hospital, I did not plan on having a c-section and my sweet friend Rachel had brought me a little goodie bag of some essentials that I LOVED that differed from a vaginal delivery, like high-waisted boy shorts! Shop the links below for all my postpartum essentials.

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