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Baby #2 Buys.


We are getting so close to the arrival of baby #2! Although we saved pretty much everything from when Aspen was a baby that I knew we would reuse, there were a few new things that we have purchased and I’ll explain why…

Hatch Rest+
This thing is a game changer. When Aspen was a baby we used the iPad as a sound machine and then moved to our Alexa Echo (which requires wifi). Once she was in her big girl bed and we went through daylight savings time, it was hard to explain why it was still bedtime. We purchased the original Hatch Rest for her and have LOVED it. Both are programable for sleep/wake times. During bedtime hours we have it set on the lowest nightlight setting in the color red for “red red stay in bed” then at 7:30am the light turns green and the sound machine turns off and she knows it is time to wake up.

We received the Hatch Rest+ as a gift and the differences are that it is slightly larger, has a digital clock at the bottom and has slightly clearer sound. I love that these don’t require Wifi so that if your wifi goes down, your babe will still stay sound asleep. These are also super easy to pop in an overnight bag if you are traveling or going to a family members house.

Keekaroo Changing Pad
We are using a dresser instead of a changing station with this babe and needed something that wouldn’t slip off of the dresser and this was the ticket. I love the look and feel of this changing pad. It is so soft and squishy!

Uppababy Mesa Carseat
With Aspen we had used the Maxi Cosi carseat, which we ended up handing down for our little nephew to use and I am so glad we were able to do that. The Maxi Cosi had a rounded handle and a VERY long base, which I didn’t love. I am so excited about our new carseat. It is super easy to install and comfortable to carry with an added bonus of being adorable!

Tommee Tippee Bottle and Pouch Warmer
Unthawing and heating breastmilk was always somewhat of a challenge when most warmers are designed for water and formula. This warmer unthaws frozen breastmilk packages as well as heats bottles!

Snuggle Me Organic
Dock-a-Tot or Snuggle Me Organic? Well, we have both. We LOVE our Dock-a-Tots and have both sizes. I decided to order the Snuggle Me Organic for baby #2 to be used as more of a lounger and the Dock-a-Tot for bedtime. They are so soft and cozy, as well as easily portable. You can purchase with or without a cover but I would highly recommend purchasing a cover.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer
With Aspen, we used the Rock n Play and they have since been recalled. YIKES! We travel quite a bit, even just around the state, and wanted to have something that we could easily pack up to take with us to help keep baby entertained for independent play. The Baby Bjorn Bouncer folds completely flat! So ideal!! We also purchased this toy bar for it, rather than the expensive wood one that doesn’t look like very much fun.

Ubbi Diaper Pail 
No one likes to smell a stinky diaper. With Aspen we had used a plastic Diaper Genie and the plastic would start to absorb the stink! EW! The specific liners were also expensive. The Ubbi Diaper Pail is metal, which means no absorbing smells and it also uses regular trash bags!

Second Baby Monitor 
If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you know that we love our Lollipop Baby Monitor. So of course, we ordered another for baby! We had originally ordered the green one, but then also purchased the new grey exchangeable cover! This setup is great, especially for two babes because you can easily navigate between the two cameras in one app on your phone. You can also have a split screen view of both cameras!

Hands-free Pump
I had used the very basic insurance-covered pump with Aspen and didn’t like it. One reason being that I had to be sitting down for 20 minutes or so, and the other reason being that I had to plug it in to an outlet. As a family we like to adventure, which made pumping very inconvenient with my last pump. I am also a wedding photographer and having to find a place to sit in private to pump with an outlet was always a nightmare. This time I am using the NEW Medela Freestyle Pump. There are some other options that fit in your bra also, but you can only pump in small volumes.

Reclining Rocker
This beauty is under $300! We have it in the color “bright white” and LOVE it. It is so comfortable and the best part is, its super easy to clean. Within the first week that we had it, Aspen had taken Mac n’ Cheese hands to it…. *cringe*.  That’s right, bright ORANGE all over my white rocker. After using a little Spot Shot, that baby was like brand new again! My previous rocker did not recline and I so wished that it had. I spent a ton of time breastfeeding in it and with those long sleepless nights, it’s so important to have a comfy little space.

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